Kai Diekmann

Chief Editor BILD

Kai Diekmann

Chief Editor BILD


Kai Diekmann – Editor-in-Chief BILD

(*1964) In January 2001 Kai Diekmann entered his current position as Editor-in-Chief of BILD and Publisher of BILD and BILD am SONNTAG. 

BILD is one of the biggest news brands in Europe, reaching 37 million readers and users every month with its print edition and its online site.

In 2007 Kai Diekmann was also appointed Executive Director of BILD.de and in 2008 Editorial Director of the BILD-group (BILD, BILD am SONNTAG, AUTO BILD, COMPUTER BILD, AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD, SPORT BILD, BILD der FRAU). 

He has been an independent member of the Hürriyet Board of Directors since 2004 and non-executive Director of the Times Newspapers Holdings Limited since 2011.


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