Google Glass – Revolutionizing Patient Care?

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Project Description

Google Glass is a wearable, connected digital eyeglass that allows its wearers to communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. It was developed by Google X at Google Inc., as part of the company’s pursuit of the 100 futuristic ideas. The prototype released in 2013 features functions such as hands-free camera, video recording, and augmented reality technologies such as GPS navigation, real-time translation, etc. Although the product was discontinued in Jan 2015, a number of applications in the healthcare sector have been developed since the beta release of the device.

Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

The Wellman Center for Photomedicine (WCP) is one of five Thematic Centers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) with a wealth of investigators and multi-disciplinary specialties under one laboratory environment. The WCP holds approximately 200 patents and have discovered laser lithotripsy, non-scarring treatment of skin diseases including portwine stains, pigmented lesions, tattoo and permanent hair removal, etc. Our lab is currently developing a Google Glass compatible technology called the SMART bandage (Sensing, Monitoring And Release of Therapeutics), for a better management of patients with burns, skin grafts and chronic wounds.