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The CCC was founded in 1999 as an internationally operating coaching company with offices in Hamburg (Germany), Wiesbaden (Germany) and Weston, MA (USA).
It is our mission to lead people to their personal maturity and professional excellence. Thanks to our own research part our work is based on profound neuroscientific and personality psychological knowledge. The underlying model of our coaching is the so called „action control model“ (Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl) as well as a systemic „colouRem(R)“-Tool (Dr. Kerstin Liesenfeld) that helps to determine individual (self-compatible) goals as well as designing step-by-step programs. The main objectives of this colouRem(R)-method is to train self-perception, to learn how to flexibly change one’s own mood and to effectively utilize those changes in any given situation.
Our coaching systems are practical and logical science, applied in a meaningful and targeted way. We accompany individuals as well as groups with an essential focus on self-commutation, emotional regulation and health.
A loving tenor, professional excellence, growth and independance are our core values maintained in our attitude and work performance.