Aldebaran – worldwide leader in humanoid robotics

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Founded in 2005 by French entrepreneur Bruno Maisonnier and now a business unit of Japanese telecoms company SoftBank Group, Aldebaran designs, manufactures and sells autonomous world leading humanoid robots.

For almost 10 years, Aldebaran has been driving technology into a new world by designing humanoid robots and has become the worldwide leader in humanoid robotics.

Our robots (NAO, Pepper, Romeo) are used in more than 70 countries in various fields, such as research, education, retail, care, tourism or entertainment.
For the future, Aldebaran has embraced the ambitious goal of developing humanoid robots for everyone. Aldebaran believes that in coming years robots will positively impact our lives to the same extent as PCs and mobile devices did during the past 3 decades.
Robots will change the way we learn, work and communicate.